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I get asked all the time why I would choose THESE words. “Fat?” they say “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful!” “Oooooh you’re a FEM-IN-IST so you must hate men!” “A witch? don’t you mean b*#!h?” The answer to this question is what The Fat Feminist Witch is all about – discovering, and proudly proclaiming, who YOU are so we can all live our most magical and authentic lives.

These words are scary because they have power, and so do I, and so do you! It’s time we all felt comfortable wielding that power for ourselves. I’m fat, I’m a feminist, and for over 20 years I have been a witch. I’m also funny, smart, observant, loving, afraid, sensitive, psychic, scared, lost, and loud.

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Episode 84 – Magic Numbers for Witches Who Hate Numbers Hey friends! Thank you for joining me on this chilly fall Friday the 13th! Today I’m talking about numerology and working with numbers even if you have a math-related learning disability like Dyscalculia, which I have! Even with my issues, Numerology is both shockingly simple, and accurate. I’m also talking about some other uses … Continue reading Episode 84 – Magic Numbers for Witches Who Hate Numbers

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Today’s episode is about NUMEROLOGY – divination using the spiritual vibration of individual numbers. Just like astrology, there are fortune telling methods and also personal exploration methods. I’ll be talking about both today, and also about how difficult math and numbers are for me! Wild, right? Since many of you said numbers are hard for … Continue reading Get a FREE Personal Numerology Handout!

Episode 83 – Divining Love on All Hallow’s Eve Hello friends and thank you so much for tuning in to the show! For today’s episode, we’re going back to a Victorian Halloween tradition – love divinations and apple magic! You can now get signed & spelled copies of my books Green Witchcraft and The Grimoire Journal on my Storenvy shop – Thank … Continue reading Episode 83 – Divining Love on All Hallow’s Eve

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