Episode 71 – Interview with Nikki Van De Car!

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-kjb2w-de074b Hello all you witches, seekers, and friends of ALL ages! Today's special guest is Nikki Van De Car and we're talking about her new book The Junior Witch's Handbook and making magic with kids and families. This entire episode is FAMILY FRIENDLY and includes music breaks and even some very special magical friends just … Continue reading Episode 71 – Interview with Nikki Van De Car!

Episode 70 – Ask The Fat Feminist Witch

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ya4rw-dd4241 Hello again witches, seekers, and friends and thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of The Fat Feminist Witch. Today I am answering questions from 9 different listeners about magic, astrology, crystals, alchemical symbols, and the afterlife.  Thank you so much to everyone who submitted questions! I had SO many more … Continue reading Episode 70 – Ask The Fat Feminist Witch

#MagicRockMondays – Black Moonstone

Welcome to another Magic Rock monday, witches! For those just tuning in, these weekly posts chronicle my exploration for crystals and their magical uses more deeply - using only ones that I already have in my collection! I'll be sharing my experience with Nuumite, and introducing this week's crystal which was selected for use during … Continue reading #MagicRockMondays – Black Moonstone

Episode 69 – SURPRISE! Solitary Witchin’

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-sa8ip-dc760c SURPRISE! Hello witches! After a bit of a hiatus while I dealt with the coronavirus and some mental health struggles, I am back with a quick episode about me and the future of the podcast.  Thank you so much to all of those who've sent messages asking for updates and about the status of … Continue reading Episode 69 – SURPRISE! Solitary Witchin’

Ask The Fat Feminist Witch – Submit Questions!

Hello witches, seekers, and friends! If you tuned in to the latest episode of the podcast (just a mini one!) you heard that on Thursday May 21st I will be doing an entire episode where I answer YOUR questions! You can ask about magic, witchcraft, spells, witchy trouble-shooting, podcasting, me, books - whatever! As long … Continue reading Ask The Fat Feminist Witch – Submit Questions!

#MagicRockMondays – Nuumite

Welcome to another Magic Rock Monday, witches! Today I'm sharing my experience of working with pietersite, the tempest stone, for the last week and introducing the stone I'll be working with for the next 7 days! Wanna recommend a magic rock for next monday? Use the tag #MagicRockMondays on Instagram and let me know! Pietersite … Continue reading #MagicRockMondays – Nuumite

Book Review of Shadows: Utterly Wicked by Dorothy Morrison (2020)

"Let's begin with what makes this book special - the fact that cursing, binding, jinxing and otherwise casting "baneful magic" (I love how poetic that is tbh) is a rarely touched-upon subject in books for modern witches. This book covers everything from the different words for this type of magic, to common methods and ingredients, ethical considerations, and reversing hexes and curses. She doesn't shy away from including classic ingredients like the witch's own urine, but there are plenty of spells for most purposes and the reader can decide what they're comfortable with. " [Read More] 🔮🔮🔮🔮/5! Book Review of Shadows: Utterly Wicked by Dorothy Morrison | The Fat Feminist WItch

#MagicRockMondays – Pietersite

Welcome to May, witches! Today I'm continuing my weekly exploration of the crystals in my collection to get more acquainted with their energy and uses. Working with crystals may start by seeing something shiny in the store and looking it up in your favourite encyclopedia (this is mine), but once you get it home it's … Continue reading #MagicRockMondays – Pietersite

#MagicRockMondays – Green Calcite

One of my absolute favourite things to do with my magic rocks is buy them for a decent chunk of change and then leave them to collect dust either on a shelf or in the re-purposed tackle box my working stones live in. It's not super magical, but it's definitely the truth. Last year I … Continue reading #MagicRockMondays – Green Calcite

Green Moon + Fat Feminist Witch Beltane Box!

get the 2020 beltane box! I am absolutely thrilled to be collaborating again with one of my favourite witchy companies - Green Moon Apothecary - on another sabbat box! This time we're celebrating Beltane, a spring time festival full of fire, sensuality, and mysterious faerie magic. This box includes magical tools explored in Green Witchcraft … Continue reading Green Moon + Fat Feminist Witch Beltane Box!

Goddesses of Solitude

“I went to collect the few personal belongings which...I held to be invaluable: my cat, my resolve to travel, and my solitude.”― Colette No matter how secular the practice of modern witchcraft becomes, we never forget or forgo the lessons of the ancient goddesses completely. These stories and histories of magical women who forged their own … Continue reading Goddesses of Solitude

(even more) Rabbit Magic! 🐰

Hello witches! After a couple of weeks without internet while I moved into a new apartment, I am happy to be back to share some witchery - even if today's topic is a little bittersweet. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-zZzkMnPhF Easter weekend - as well as Ostara in March - has me thinking about my little bunny friend Jimmy … Continue reading (even more) Rabbit Magic! 🐰

Episode 68 – Clear Knowing

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-cbdhh-d62ea8 Hello everyone and thank you for tuning in to episode 68 clear knowing – all about the powers of psychic intuition. This method of experiencing psychic phenomena or receiving spiritual messages involves a sudden and unshakable KNOWING. A claircognizant person will suddenly know the answer to a problem, they’ll just know they have to turn … Continue reading Episode 68 – Clear Knowing