#FatWitchFall Friday Update! ðŸ¤ž

Every Friday throughout September and October I’ll be adding new songs to my Fat Witch Fall playlist on Spotify – this week I added 13 songs about luck and magic to celebrate this wacky Full Moon Friday the 13th!

Intro to Ghost Stories for Young People

Alfred Hitchcock

In the spirit of Friday the 13th, I’m starting off weird as hell! This is the introduction to an album full of ghost stories alfred hitchcock recorded for children and honestly the whole thing is fun as hell. In this one he talks about letting in the ghosts and getting yourself good and scared by turning off the lights – and don’t worry! The ghosts will be able to find you. You know they can slither in under doors and through window cracks and keyholes, don’t you?
BTW – Did you know Alfred Hitchcock was born on Friday the 13th? It was August BUT STILL. I for one will be wearing my PSYCHO t-shirt all day!

Castin’ My Spell

Johnny Otis

IN Castin’ My Spell, Johnny Otis details the spells he’s done to keep his girlfriend from cheating – and they’re WILD.

I took a black cat, a cave bat, and threw them in a pot pot
Pot pot, pot pot
I took a blue snake, a green snake, and tied them in a knot knot
Knot knot, knot knot
I took a hog jaw, a dog’s paw, and hung them on the line line
Line line, line line
I took a horse hair, a green pear, and made a crazy sign sign
Sign sign, sign sign “

Now I don’t recommend tying a couple of snakes into a not (for you OR the snakes tbh) but I do recommend busting out your best creepy hand-jive for this incredibly fun song.

I Ain’t Superstitious

Howlin’ Wolf

HOWLIN’ WOLF. One of the best blues artists of all time! He brought the Mississippi delta blues to Chicago and simultaneously rocked your soul and scared the shit out of you. I often listen to him and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins on the same playlist because they both had this otherworldly GROWL. In this song he’s basically laughing off silly superstitions but then low key saying “I ain’t superstitious but…” It’s the perfect tune to remind you to watch for black cats, mysterious itches, and the spirit of mischief that stalks us on Friday the 13th. It always makes me think of “Broom fell- company’s coming.”

” Well, I ain’t superstitious, black cat just cross my trail
Well, I ain’t superstitious, oh, the black cat just cross my trail
Don’t sweep me with no broom, I might get put in jail
When my right hand itches, I gets money for sure
When my right hand itches, I gets money for sure
But when my left eye jump, somebody got to go “

The Witch Queen of New Orleans


September 10th was the birthday of Marie Laveau – the voodoo queen of New Orleans! This ode to her life and magic is one of my favourite songs of all time by a band that I wish got way more play. Redbone is one of the only mainstream Native American rock bands I know of, and you’ve no doubt heard their first hit “Come and Get Your Love” in the last few years because it was featured in Guardian of the Galaxy. All the men in the band were of mixed ancestry with the Vegas brothers, who started the band, being Mexican, Yoqui, and Shoshone. That’s where they got the name Redbone, which is a cajun word for a mixed race person. My favourite thing about this song is the reverence and respect for Marie and her magic, along with some fun spookiness. Happy Birthday, Ms. Laveau!

” I’m gonna tell you a story
Strange as it now seems
Of zombie, voodoo, gris gris
And the Witch Queen of New Orleans “

Got My Mojo Workin’

Muddy Waters

You’ve all heard about Mojo Bags I’m sure! A “mojo” in hoodoo, is a magical talisman that can be carried with the person for a wide variety of magical purposes. A mojo bag was also called a mojo hand, which you can hear Muddy singing about. In this song his mojo hand has been designed to help him get women and keep them faithful. The word mojo has become synonymous with a special gift or talen that attracts people to you, sometimes it’s a sexual attraction but not always.

Mojo Hand

Lightnin’ Hopkins

Let’s keep that mojo working with another fantastic blues track about getting that mojo hand to keep ya woman faithful… but lightnin’s woman turned the tables on him and fixed him with a mojo first and got inside his head. Revenge!
I first heard this song on an album called “The Roots of Led Zeppelin” that I highly recommend. It’s all blues that “””””inspired””””” the work of led zeppelin or was… you know, outright ripped off. Show some love for the OGs.

Friday the 13th

Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins

Thelonious monk was a jazz pianist that improvised on the spot and made weird twists and turns throughout his songs. You can hear how “off” the song sounds in the beginning to show off the wild energy of Friday the 13th, and how it smooths right out and falls in line with Sonny’s horn. Even if you’re not a jazzfan, there’s just too much great talent in this song to pass it up.
It’s also a great primer for the rest of the playlist, which takes a sharp turn in a different direction!

Luck Be a Lady

Frank Sinatra

This classic, upbeat, Vegas-style song that calls up craps tables and shuffling cards is all about the goddes Fortuna, aka Lady Luck. In this song Frankie is petitioning Fortuna to stick with him and grant him the gifts of good luck, even though he knows Fortuna is not one to take direction from a man. Is it sexist? You bet. But I always like to imagine him on his knees begging her for good luck in a fit of drunken desperation in the middle of a crowded casino while she laughs at this puny mortal.

Lucky Star


Speaking of cheesy songs about luck… ENTER MADONNA. This song uses a bit of a classic nursery rhyme to show someone how much they mean to her. In true Madonna fashion, she goes from nursery rhyme to sexual innuendo with the line “shine your heavenly body tonight” which is all the best and worst kinds of cheesy. The 80s were awful, y’all, but 80s Madonna was the BEST.

Get Lucky

Daft Punk, Pharrel

Dont pretend this song doesn’t get you up onto your feet! In this upbeat dance tune we’re reminded of another way of getting lucky. There’s not much else to say here, you get it. I hope you have some cool, spooky, friday the 13th full moon sexy times today, if that’s what you’re into.


Stevie Wonder

If we’re gonna be up all night to get lucky, might as well also get FUNKY. This song’s got everything! The number 13, a broken mirror, walking under a ladder, and the devil. The song reminds us of all these superstiions so that we can remember that that’s all they are – we make our own luck. Superstition ain’t the way. Don’t forget to have fun today!

Rock ‘n’ Roll/EGA

Daniel Johnston

This song isn’t Friday the 13th or luck themed, but it’s my favourite song by Daniel Johnston who passed away this week. Daniel was weird and wonderful, and his songs were totally unique. He struggled with his mental health a lot, and spent lots of time in institutions and hospitals. This song talks about needing to find a reason to live, and that reason being ROCK AND ROLL. I relate so hard. RIP Daniel. I’m glad Rock n Roll kept you here with us as long as it did.
” Walk around but you’ve gotta have a reason
Something worth getting up in the morning for
My heart looked to art and I found the beetles
The thought I wasn’t in the true deciples
Look for the fun and youll start a happy cycle
The music will make you come alive
Oh that rock N roll
It saved my soul
That rock N roll “

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