Introducing: the Spell Jar Book for Beginners!

Hello my witchy friends! I am thrilled to announce a new title to add to your shelves – THE SPELL JAR BOOK FOR BEGINNERS!

Embrace the enchanting world of spell jars!

Spell jars have been used as powerful spiritual tools since the days of ancient Mesopotamia—and now you can learn to harness their power. This beginner’s spell book takes you through their history, breaking down the necessary supplies and illuminating how their magic sparks positive change.

Gather your materials—Explore different types of vessels, the meaning behind jar shapes and colors, and how to incorporate candles, crystals, and so much more.
Prepare for magic—Learn about the importance of cleansing your space, clarifying your intentions, and aligning with astrological events to ensure you’re ready for spellcasting.
Discover new spells—Find 60 unique and easy-to-follow spells that will help you manifest your dreams, from attracting prosperity to healing a broken heart.
Infuse your life with magic and enhance your witchcraft practice with the Spell Jar Book for Beginners.

This book is full of creative magic using jars and bottles that really puts the CRAFT in WITCHCRAFT. In addition to the 60 spells and rituals you’ll learn the history of spell jars and witch bottles, the magical properties of different shapes, materials, colours, herbs, crystals, and even everyday household items. The spells range in subject from prosperity to healing to help around the home, but the common thread here is the magic of creativity. This entire book is a testament to creative, hands-on magic that is accessible, responsible, effective, and most importantly – really fun!

If you’re a witch who’s been practicing a long time, don’t let the “for beginners” label turn you off! You don’t have to be new to witchcraft or magic to learn different ways of practicing and making magic, and I can guarantee you’ve not read a book quite like this on the topic of container magic!

Spell Jar Book for Beginners comes out June 28th and in the coming weeks I’ll be sharing excerpts, demonstrations, photos, and stories from the book across social media and in an upcoming episode of the podcast.

Want to get a free early copy? I need reviewers! My publisher is sending out 40 print copies to witches in the US and I’ll be sending digital copies to those around the world who are interested! If you like the book, please consider leaving an honest review on sites like Amazon and Goodreads so others can get in on the creative fun! Fill out the form below to be added to the list – but do it fast because I’ve got a limited number of copies available.

This book was so much fun to write, and features some of my coolest and most creative spells yet! I experimented with Uranium glass, terrariums, board games pieces, new methods, old methods, and everything in-between. I also got to do something I’ve long wanted to in a book: the last spell in each chapter actually guides you to design a spell for yourself, with recommended materials and a few inspirational ideas, but in the end, how it looks and works is totally up to you!

Ready to check it out? You can find out more, and pre-order a copy, at the following links:



I can’t wait to share some of my favourite spells with you all and see what kind of jars and bottles you all come up with!

One thought on “Introducing: the Spell Jar Book for Beginners!

  1. Excited to see this and looking forward to writing a review. Let me know if you have dig copy I can start reviewing. Thanks so much Sister. Namaste and congrats.


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