About Paige


I get asked all the time why I would choose THESE words. “Fat?” they say “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful!” “Oooooh you’re a FEM-IN-IST so you must hate men!” “A witch? don’t you mean b*#!h?” The answer to this question is the same as what The Fat Feminist Witch is all about – these words help people find and proudly proclaim who they are, and harness that power to be their most authentic self. That’s what I do. I also make A LOT of references to witch pop culture from the 1990s.

You can be FAT and you can be BEAUTIFUL, but you don’t need to be either.
You can be a FEMINIST and not hate anyone… not anyone who doesn’t deserve it anyway. And you can be a WITCH and be magical or weird or uptight or whatever else!

These words are scary because they have power, and so do I, and so do you! It’s time we all felt comfortable wielding that power for ourselves. I’m fat, I’m a feminist, and for over 20 years I have been a witch. I’m also funny, smart, observant, loving, afraid, sensitive, psychic, scared, lost, and loud.

I’m on a journey of self-discovery and magic, and I’d love some company.

“I feel like the words ‘Feminist‘ and ‘Witch‘ are almost interchangeable, and for me I don’t think I could identify as one and not the other. Both of these words carry a tremendous amount of weight and are used to both hurt and empower people.

Feminism and Witchcraft are both just tools that I can use to manifest a better future for myself.

I couldn’t be a witch if I didn’t believe I was powerful and worthy of achieving my dreams and goals or that energy I put out there won’t bear any fruit. Likewise, I don’t think I could be a successful woman if I didn’t believe that women are powerful and worthy of achieving success on their terms without having to apologize for it. For me, that all comes from the same place.”

-Quote in Revelist, Halloween 2016

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