Book Review of Shadows : Legacy of Magick by Ellen Dugan

Rating: 🔮🔮🔮/5

“Autumn Bishop was just your average grad student…who happens to be a Seer. When she moves in with her long lost aunt and cousins, they look like a relatively normal family from the outside, however they turn out to be so much more.
When ancient traditions, longstanding magickal feuds, ghostly visitors, and Witches with malicious intentions start coming out of the woodwork, Autumn finds herself smack in the middle of the action as everything she thought she knew is turned upside down.
Drawn, as if by fate, into her family’s legacy of magick, a new world unfolds for her, as her old one is left irretrievably behind.”

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I am a huge fan of Ellen Dugan’s non-fiction books, Herb Magic for Beginners and Book of Witchery especially. I have the digital copy of the latter on my phone and refer to it CONSTANTLY. So when I heard that she had written a series of witchy fiction novels I was on that like sage on ghosts. Though my overall rating doesn’t look incredibly impressive, I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes witchy fiction, supernatural romance novels and to witches who want a fiction book written by a real witch!

The magic in this book is so realistic, even when it’s very obviously fictional, that it’s so easy to get totally wrapped up in it. I haven’t felt so transported into a book since I first read Harry Potter – and that’s saying a lot. I found this book extremely entertaining, the characters are well laid out and you really feel like you know them. You can imagine exactly how they look and I can almost see myself there with them. I recognized rules and kinds of magick from real life and being a real-live witch, but with the added fun bonus of being able to “see” what it would be like if magic worked like it did in fiction. That alone is worth the read haha.

Now it’s time for the bad news, depending on who you are – this book is CHEESY. The level of cheesiness is through the roof! Now, I happen to like cheese. Cheese is my middle name! Romances are also kind of inherently cheesy, so I tried not to hold it against Ms. Dugan, but it only got cheesier as I went on. It’s also a very predictable story line. There’s a Romeo and Juliet trope, warring families, reference to witches of Salem, a sassy cat (no complaints!), a stereotypical teenage goth girl with telekinetic powers, and a super hot guy who falls for our heroine – who is described as quirky but plain. Nothing new here. The upside to this is that this book is incredibly easy to read, and when you get so attached to the characters in the book you don’t really care how cheesy their life is.

Despite how cheesy I found the first book, I instantly went onto amazon and downloaded the second installment – Secret Of The Rose – when I was finished. I very much enjoyed the story, and I loved the characters. Ellen Dugan remains a great writer whose humour and personality shines through anything she writes. Her sassiness and sharp wit are apparent in all of the female characters (who take zero shit. zero.) and her descriptions of ancient tomes and witchy family secrets set the book-loving witch in me on fire!

If you really want to have some fun with what you’re reading, I highly recommend checking this book (and series!) out.

You can get it on Amazon for an awesome price, and if you have a Kindle unlimited membership (which I do, and recommend trying) you can get get the first 2 books as part of the subscription.

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