Imbolc Link Roundup

Looking for tips and tricks on how to celebrate Imbolc, Candlemas, or Mid-Winter? There are tons of amazing blog posts, books, podcast episodes, and articles out there that tell you what the holiday is, who to worship, how to worship, and how to celebrate! Not all links are from secular sources, many include mentions of the deities honoured at imbolc by those who practice theistic witchcraft, but that doesn’t mean the info isn’t good for everyone!

If you’re looking for a totally secular guide to celebrating Md-Winter, look no further than my own recent post A Secular Witch’s Guide to the Sabbats: Imbolc!


This series will explore the pagan sabbats throughout the year and examine ways to celebrate as a modern, secular witch. It covers signs and symbols of the holiday, decorating, sketchy herbs and magic rocks, and different ways to celebrate.

Blog Posts:


Online Articles and Publications:

From Magical Recipes Online


More: Goodreads list titled “Books for Celebrating Imbolc”


Podcasts and Videos:



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