#WitchReads and Reviews for 2018!

Happy New year, friends! I hope you’re all ready for a very wild and magickal year. We’re starting to year off with a full moon, lunar eclipse, and blue moon just in January! It’s going to be a great year to try new things, shed some old issues, and make wishes and wild dreams come true.

In that vein, I’ve made a nice big list of all the books I’m planning to read and then review here on The Fat Feminist Witch! You’ll notice that some of these books aren’t about witchcraft, but rather about Fat Positivity and Feminism in general – two other core beliefs that influence my spirituality. This year I want to read new books, from new writers, and on totally new topics! I also want to have a little more fun reading, which is why you’ll see some great witchy fiction on this list as well.

I’m excited to learn more about other systems and traditions of magick and witchcraft! Namely satanism and Luciferian witchcraft (which I am completely ignorant about!), Faery Wicca, and the magic and science of dreams.

Of course, I’m always open to suggestions, and this list may grow throughout the year! I want to see what you’re reading, know what advice you’re finding that’s making your life more magickal, and I’d love to find more independantly published witchy zines and books! Tell me about what you’re reading on Twitter or Instagram with the #WitchReads tag, and become my friend on Goodreads.com to get updates on what I’m reading, and share book recommendations!

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Reading and Reviewing in 2018!



One thought on “#WitchReads and Reviews for 2018!

  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! These books all sound amazing and I can’t wait to read what you think of them, particularly books regarding Faery Wicca because that’s actually really interested me recently. Blessings!

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