Creating Your Own New Moon Tarot Spread ๐ŸŒšโ™’

Today the New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, and that energy will be available to include in your spells or rituals for the rest of the weekend.

My own personal lunar rituals almost always involve tarot/oracle readings (and baths, letโ€™s be real), and I love making my own spread for each moon and itโ€™s associated astrology. Whenever I read my tarot I journal the results and let myself really pour out whatever comes up onto the page.

According to Jessica Lanyadooโ€™s most recent episode of Ghost of a Podcast and this new moon in Aquarius – creeping closer to Capricorn and all the Astro wildness going on there – could be quite an uncomfortable experience! While thatโ€™s not fun, it is perfect for getting deep with your deck and your journal.

From the PDF

This PDF will help you create tarot spreads for New Moons in general, personalize it for this particular moon on Jan 24, 2020, and then ritualize the experience if you wish. I left blank spaces for you to brainstorm topics and questions to ask your cards, and to journal your reading and results! Please feel free to print or share it, and tag me on social media if you end up making a spread or ritual you’d like to share.

Good luck this weekend, witches! No matter how it goes, that Aquarius energy is sure to pick us up and drop us somewhere shiny and new before the moon is full again.

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