Green Moon + Fat Feminist Witch Beltane Box!

I am absolutely thrilled to be collaborating again with one of my favourite witchy companies – Green Moon Apothecary – on another sabbat box! This time we’re celebrating Beltane, a spring time festival full of fire, sensuality, and mysterious faerie magic. This box includes magical tools explored in Green Witchcraft like amethyst and pumice (from the only Canadian volcano!), honeysuckle and other magical plants in an herbal blend for magic, and an exclusive altar oil blend by Beaux Magique – my personal fave source for the oils I use in my practice.

Everything in the box was put together not only with the magic of Beltane in mind, but also with the fact you may not be getting out to a big fiery gathering this year! The pumice stone is great for personal cleansing (inside and out), amethyst can help soothe anxiety and help you sleep, and when paired with the incense and herbs in the box can bring on psychic dreams. Plus, of course, you get a copy of Green Witchcraft which I hope offers some positivity and magic in this pretty energetically heavy time.

Check out to get the box, and see the full list of what’s included and how to use it. Don’t forget to check back closer to May 1st for a special Cannabis strain recommendation that can help you celebrate and tap in to the intense magic of the Beltane season.

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