Introducing – The Grimoire Journal: A Place to Record Spells, Rituals, Recipes, and More!

Craft a life filled with your own magic–a guided grimoire journal for new witches

A witch’s grimoire, or book of spells, is their magical companion and most powerful tool–and The Grimoire Journal is your personal guide to building your own. Learn to bless your home, scry with stars, craft your own tarot reading, or brew an enchanted tea. Then follow the journal prompts to create your own spells, recipes, and rituals for clearing writer’s block, protecting a friend, opening yourself up to new opportunities, and so much more.

The Grimoire Journal provides:

  • For all kinds of magic–You’ll work with candles, crystals, herbs, and more. Plus, find inspiration in quotes about magic, illustrations of the moon phases, and a write-in Wheel of the Year.
  • Empower yourself–Tune in to your inner magic and develop a custom keepsake that will evolve along with your craft.
  • Ample writing space–Find plenty of room to reflect on the included spells, along with enough space to write your own.

Explore, channel, and preserve your magic with a journal that guides you as you build a beautiful grimoire.

Witches, I am so SO excited to announce my next book – The Grimoire Journal. This book is a real working grimoire that shows you how to write spells, rituals, and recipes to work with magic, and shows different ways to use your own words to personalize your practice. There’s space in the book to write out your creations, draw or write out intuitions and experiences, and make lists of correspondences and magical meanings that are specific to you. I have been BURSTING with pride over this book since I typed the last word of the first draft and I’m glad I can finally share it with you all!

Here’s some of what you can expect to find in The Grimoire Journal:

Quotes about magic, mysticism, and crafting your own personal brand of magic that I’ve found inspiring in my own journey.

A mixture of complete spells and recipes, and prompts to guide you through crafting one of your own or reflecting on your feelings and beliefs about magic.

I did my best to include magic for a wide variety of purposes, while sticking with the things I know you guys will use a regular basis like road opening, discovering your personal power, creating lunar mantras or attracting prosperity and abundance. There are spells, rituals, and recipes that help you balance and strengthen each of the chakras, celebrate the seasons, and infuse magic into your every day.

Not that I can take credit for it – but can we talk about the artwork? The art of the cover and throughout the book was done by Tony Midi and is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend following Tony on Instagram and getting a peek at some of his other work, which is very mystical, magical and straight up badass.

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Of course, even though the book is really about crafting your personal practice and getting in touch with yourself, I also wanted to help people reach out and connect with their magic. Some of the recipes are obviously meant for sharing – like the Enchanted Heart Hibiscus Tea or the Waxing Walnut Crescent Cookies, but even many spells and rituals show you how to use your magic to reach and help others in more subtle ways – like using jasper to heal animals and the people who work with them, or tree agate to send healing energy to ares of ecological destruction; or crafting a magical spice blend and get well soon mantra to bring healing to a friend.

The Grimoire Journal comes out July14th! Over the next month I’ll be sharing pictures, prompts, downloads, and going live to show you some of my own entries in the journal. I would love it if you would share your own grimoires or responses to my prompts on social media with the #GrimoireJournaling tag! Even though we have fewer opportunities to connect IRL, I’m hoping some of the prompts and spells in the book can help us share magic with other witches all over the world.

I’ll be talking more about the book, and about getting started writing your own personal spells, rituals, and recipes for magic on the podcast this Thursday, June 18th – so tune in! I am SO excited to start journaling with you witches, and to see what kind of magic you whip up in your own grimoires!

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  1. I saw some comment on YouTube, they are testifying about how he help them then i also give a try and see that they are real, thank so much Fexty.


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