New Crowdfunding through Patreon!


I am now conducting all of my crowdfunding to support the podcast through Patreon!

Though I love Podbean as a host, I felt like I wasn’t reaching as many internet witches as possible with their crowdfunding service. Patreon is not only a trusted crowdfunder, but they’re geared towards people who want to support other artists and podcasters just like me.

When you check out the new page at you’ll notice that my goals are a little better laid out, I still have great rewards, and through Patreon there’s a special patron-only feed so I can stay in touch with you guys.

Whether you’re able to support the podcast financially or not, just the fact that you listen means the world to me. So thank you, everyone who listens, reads, and shares The Fat Feminist Witch!

For other ways to contribute to the show check out the Support page!



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