B.R.O.S. and Cons with Special Guest Jose C. – Podcast Ep

New Podcast Episode is Up! Listen Here

The podcast where we do a little ranting, raving, and wand-waving! We’ll be examining witchcraft and paganism from a modern, fat, feminist perspective; with a cauldron full of sass.

Today I’ve got a new Book Review of Shadows in which I review Pagan Planet: Being, Believing and Belonging in the 21st Century,published by Moon Books.

I also talk about my wonderful experience at ConVocation2016 in Michigan, the big pagan convention of the Midwest. I met Ellen Dugan, y’all!

My special co-host tonight is my good friend Jose… Cuervo. And  I used the new Podbean app, which I like but doesn’t let me edit! Sooo…. This should be fun.


The awesome music you heard was Gypsy (Cullah) / CC BY-SA 4.0

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