Les Sorciers de Walkerville

In a recent episode of the podcast, North American folk magic expert Cory Thomas Hutcheson helped me peel back a new layer in a local mystery that's been on my mind for a couple of years now. In 2019 a friend of mine was working with the local library cataloguing and translating old French-Canadian news... Continue Reading →

Episode 89 – Folk Magic with Cory Hutcheson

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0FG2CUsxg40UYdowdLseKo?si=dLNCjyK7SlebxvNa1zZk9Q Listen on Podbean I'm not alone in today's episode of the show - I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Cory Hutcheson from the New World Witchery podcast and a great new book by the same name. We talk about his new book, North American folklore, and cory even helps me peel back... Continue Reading →

Episode 88 – Confident Cartomancy!

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0PjBwbu2ZtPE0hQ38n2qIX?si=FKhYyo5MTXmOm05W2QOexw Listen on Podbean Today's (unscripted)episode of The Fat Feminist Witch is all about the symbols and signs that make up the meaning for each tarot card, and how to read without memorizing each one.  My go-to tarot books: Madame Pamita's Magical Tarot by Madame Pamita Pathworking the Tarot by Leeza Robertson (read my review!)... Continue Reading →

Book Review of Shadows: Pathworking the Tarot by Leeza Robertson

🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮/5! This book was sent to me by Llewellyn for review at the very end of 2019 and I fully intended to review it right away – but then I couldn’t stop using it! This book quickly became one of my very favourites on the subject of tarot, and also for journaling and contemplation. When... Continue Reading →

Witch Flix: WandaVision!

Elizabeth Olsen doing her best Samantha Stevens in WandaVision on Disney+ I've got a confession - I don't think I've seen a single Avengers movie. Despite being a big fan of comic-book based cartoons as a kid, and even loving the really horrible attempts at making movies in the early 2000s, the overwhelming volume of... Continue Reading →

Episode 87 – Voluptas!

https://open.spotify.com/episode/4K5BcBHY16ygUmSkBiELJN?si=2zxaIRL0R8q43HVyNjd-Ew Listen on Podbean Hello my witchy friends and thank you for tuning in to the fat feminist witch podcast! This is episode 87 and is all about PLEASURE. This is a sort of personal episode, and most of what I’m discussing today is kind of a new topic I’m exploring within my own personal... Continue Reading →

Book Review of Shadows: Cosmic Care by Robin Eisenberg

🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮/5! from ChronicleBooks.com This beautiful book is dreamy and spacey and makes you feel good all over. It's less of a deep dive into self-care, as an activity for you to partake in AS an act of self care! Similar to a comic book or graphic novel, the art does most of the talking, but... Continue Reading →

Episode 86 – Magical Mixology!

https://open.spotify.com/episode/7KuS1PoUHZ50ziTnhjkPP2?si=IFHhLkasQHSbY90J3IqlGw Listen on Podbean Hello again my witchy friends, and thank you so much for joining me for the first episode of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast of 2021!  Today's episode is about potions! Tea, coffee, baths, perfumes, and cocktails! Since Valentine's Day is around the corner I share recipes for 3 love potions from... Continue Reading →

Book Review of Shadows: WitchCraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas

🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮/5! This beautiful book provides you with a whole new way to cast spells and honour the planet with REAL magic potions. The author herself contacted me and offered to send me a copy of her book, and I’m so glad because I absolutely loved it! It’s beautifully written, super informative, full of really gorgeous... Continue Reading →

Welcome to 2021, witches!

Hello, witches and welcome to February 2021! I'm so excited to be heading into The Fat Feminist Witch's 6th year on the air, and to be OUT of 2020. What a strange and difficult year! After months of thinking "God, is this year over yet?" I'm pumped to instead be thinking "WAIT IT'S ALREADY FEBRUARY?!"... Continue Reading →

Episode 85 – #WitchReads 2020 Wrap-Up!

https://open.spotify.com/episode/1XcfgnR3NSzlcUgHWejH7o?si=lB_cI_JXSkOhGFY0qkTyKA Listen on Podbean Hi friends! Thank you for joining me today! It’s a chilly day and gigantic snowflakes are hitting my old windows while the cats snooze nearby and my coffee warms up my hands. It’s a perfect day to curl up with a good book – or 30. Today I'm talking about the... Continue Reading →

Episode 84 – Magic Numbers for Witches Who Hate Numbers

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6mLr6HZnyZ7ToAPpNknWPE?si=n_H1cpUvT2KE9sSrPLcttQ Listen on Podbean Hey friends! Thank you for joining me on this chilly fall Friday the 13th! Today I’m talking about numerology and working with numbers even if you have a math-related learning disability like Dyscalculia, which I have! Even with my issues, Numerology is both shockingly simple, and accurate. I’m also talking about... Continue Reading →

Get a FREE Personal Numerology Handout!

Today's episode is about NUMEROLOGY - divination using the spiritual vibration of individual numbers. Just like astrology, there are fortune telling methods and also personal exploration methods. I'll be talking about both today, and also about how difficult math and numbers are for me! Wild, right? Since many of you said numbers are hard for... Continue Reading →

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