Book Coven Questions for Wordy Witches

Another year, another STACK of witchy books I have the absolute pleasure to plow right through! There are some books I like the devour on my own, and others I’d love to get other opinions and perspectives on – which is what book clubs are for! Now that books of spiritual wisdom are more popular than ever (and witch books especially are enjoying a renaissance!) and the discussion of heavy topics in public is much more acceptable, it’s possible to find witch-specific book clubs – or should I say BOOK COVENS? (I should. and I did.) These may be online, or maybe even running out of your favourite metaphysical shop after hours, and offer you a chance to see the book you’re reading in a new way.

If you want to start your own book club there are 8 bazillion guides on pinterest filled with tips and ideas, recipes for snacks and teas, and lists of thoughtful questions to help stir the coven of conversation. Of course… none of those guides are made for groups reading non-fiction witch books. While I think you can figure out the time, place, and flavour of tea to serve; it can be hard to brainstorm questions to ask your coven that spark creative discussion and don’t put your best witches to sleep. I know because when I was planning book discussions for the Witch n’ Bitch I looked! So I put together this list of 25 questions to help get you started, and hopefully bring some witches together over a good book.

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25 questions for your next book coven meeting

  1. What 3 words would you use to describe this book/chapter?
  2. Would you recommend this book to someone who is new to witchcraft?
  3. If you recommended it to someone experienced in witchcraft, what do you think they’d learn from it?
  4. What did you expect from this book? Did it live up to that?
  5. If you could ask the author for a magical spell or service, what would it be?
  6. If you tried any of the spells/exercises how did it go? What would you change?
  7. If you were writing a spell for this book, what would it be for?
  8. Does this book line up with your personal spiritual ethics? Why/why not?
  9. Does the author belong to a religion or tradition you’re familiar with? How did that affect your enjoyment of the book?
  10. Did this book/chapter change any of your opinions or beliefs?
  11. What are you most likely to add to your practice from this book?
  12. If you had to create a magical correspondence chart (corresponding element, planet, zodiac sign, chakra, and magical uses, etc.) for this book, what would it look like? Why?
  13. Was there anything in the book/chapter that made you angry? Do you think it was meant to?
  14. How would your practice differ today if you’d read this book when you were new to witchcraft?
  15. Can you compare this book to any other witch books you’ve read?
  16. Did you learn anything new? What was it?
  17. If you had to guess – what is the sun sign of the author? (or mercury!) Why did you choose that? Do some research and see if you’re right!
  18. Did you read any witch words/terms you’ve never heard before?
  19. Do you think you’re this book’s target audience? Are YOU represented in the pages?
  20. If someone enjoyed this book, what would you recommend they read next?
  21. If you didn’t like or even finish the book, what was the final straw? What was the first red flag?
  22. Did you find the spells were easy to try? Where the ingredients reasonable to you?
  23. How do you feel the book would change if the author was local?
  24. Could you comfortably recommend this book to a secular witch? What about a religious one?
  25. Did you get any psychic sensations when reading the book? What were they? Has this happened to you before?

Are there any questions you would add?

Speaking of new witchy books in 2020 – DID YOU KNOW I WROTE A BOOK? Green Witchcraft: A Practical Guide to Discovering the Magic of Plants, Herbs, Crystals, and Beyond comes out February 25th 2020, and is currently available for pre-order!

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