#HowRealWitchesDo: Witchcraft Without a Filter (Updated!)

Every October we're inundated with images of the stereotypical HALLOWEEN WITCH- pointy black hat, green skin, riding a broom, the works. Many witches embrace this caricature as a sister witch, and others think she's offensive, frightening, and garish. That's why every October I pick a facet of popular witchcraft and examine its effect on our... Continue Reading →

Psychic Sensory Challenge, Day 3: Touching Day

You might have noticed that this entry is a little bit late. The day I had planned to be my very tactile day ended up... well not. I kept seeing things I'd normally like to touch but just felt stressed and cranky. I ended up keeping my hands to myself almost all day. At night... Continue Reading →

Psychic Sensory Challenge, Day 2: Hearing Day

Today is day 2 of my psychic sensory challenge, inspired by Ellen Dugan’s The Natural Psychic, and this was a tough one. This is the day when I’m supposed to focus on the sounds of the world around me (especially the natural world) and see how different it feels not to drown noise. Confused? Go... Continue Reading →

Psychic Sensory Challenge, Day 1: Seeing Day

As a highly visual person I'm consistently shocked that my own psychicness doesn't really come to me visually. It's almost sort of irritating because that seems like it would be so much easier. So I was psyched to flex my psychic eyeballs today. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Check out my intro to... Continue Reading →

Four Day Psychic Sensory Challenge!

Who's ready for a fun new challenge?! I am! I recently read Ellen Dugan's The Natural Psychic, which is all about different psychic abilities and experiences, how they work or feel and how to work with them. It was super interesting! I went into it fairly sure of which of these abilities I have, and... Continue Reading →

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