The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast LIVE – Moon Prism Power! πŸŒ™

Join me on Sunday January 30th for a live episode of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast!  In this fun and nostalgic episode I’ll be talking about a character and story that had a big impact on my belief in and pursuit of magicβ€” Sailor Moon! Get my SAILOR MOON WAS A WITCH! design from TeePublic! … Continue reading The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast LIVE – Moon Prism Power! πŸŒ™

6 Witch Reads for 2022!

It's the beginning of a brand new year and time for me to think about the kinds of things I want to learn and experience this year, the things I want to leave in 2021, and where I'm going to go looking for magic. In a bizarre bit of irony, over the last 2 years … Continue reading 6 Witch Reads for 2022!

Introducing: Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom!

I am so excited to announce my third book, Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom, is being released on the Autumn Equinox of this year - September 21, 2021! This book was written to help absolutely anyone use witchcraft and magic to help them heal from the past, be kinder to themselves, and form more intimate and … Continue reading Introducing: Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom!