Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks for Mercury Retrograde


My absolute favourite of the MRx Survival crystals! I wear a necklace with two pieces of Amazonite the whole time the planet is in retrograde. It’s popular to make cell phone charms or laptop ornaments with pieces of amazonite as the stone helps to block electromagnetic stress. It’s a great stone to keep on your desk at work to prevent feeling tired and frustrated when you’re sitting at the computer all day. When you combine that with it’s ability to ease your heart when you’re having trouble communicating and it’s the perfect stone to keep near by during MRx.


Also known as Fool’s Gold! Despite it’s name, Pyrite is often thought to be the best metaphysical good luck charm. If it looks flashy and wild it’s because it absorbs chaotic energy around you and leaves you with calm environment. It deflects harm and danger and is especially helpful when you have a bit of a hazardous job. It also helps those who are under control of someone abusive or controlling by allowing them to break free without becoming irrationally angry.

Black Tourmaline

To put it simply, black tourmaline helps change negative energy to positive energy. It’s especially good for protection from outside forces and energy, and from your own obsessive behaviour. It’s a great stone to keep you from getting worked up over the upside down nature of MRx energy.


Fluorite comes in a range of colours from dark purple to almost clear seafoam green with a range of bands and blurs inbetween. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a piece that resonates with you. It’s this fluid quality of fluorite that makes it a great calming stone. It’s a stone that makes people feel calm, happy, and better able to organize their thoughts. It also helps boost the energy of other stones.

Blue Kyanite

This is a primo throat chakra stone. It helps open the energetic line to the throat chakra – which is the centre of communication in our metaphysical selves. It helps you communicate more effectively, and without only your full truth. It also clears and balances all major chakras in your body which leads to a calm and balanced outlook.

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Lemongrass is linked to the planet mercury which makes it work fast and adapt to any situation. The strong citrus and a powerful cut and clear effect and can help you feel invigorated and cleansed when you feel stressed or worn down.


Though it technically comes from the same plant, citronella takes lemongrass a step further and helps create a protective barrier. Not unlike it does with mosquitos. It helps clear out negative energy from the area around us and our area and opens a door for good stuff to come in. I find it especially helpful when I’m having electronic difficulties. If you can find a naturally made citronella incense stick, burn it around your computer when it’s on the fritz and watch it clear right up


Vetivert is used in hex and curse breaking, luck and money spells and preventing theft. It`s musky, earthy and strong. It helps with safety and protection and increases your cashflow and brings good luck.


Since mercury retrograde is a time of looking back on your past and clearing it out to make way for new things, white sage definitely belongs on this list. White sage is the ultimate cleanser, and when burned in a bundle (Native Americans have various ceremonies with sage bundles referred to as “smudging”) it clears out negativity from your space and your auric field. You can get sage in the bundles or in oils, sprays and candles – all of them work. Any sage plant can be substituted for the white variety – yes, that includes the kind in your kitchen cupboard!

Beaux Magique Magical Oil Blends

Van Van Oil

Many of the herbs mentioned above are classic ingredients in Van Van oil, a traditional hoodoo recipe. Though Citronella and Lemongrass are the staples, the oil often includes vetivert, palmarosa, gingergrass, lemon verbena and sometimes even patchouli and cinnamon. Van van is for uncrossing, hex breaking and banishing negativity. It’s also filled with herbs that are aligned with mercury, which makes it the perfect MRx remedy. Van van gets it’s name from Vervain (also known as lemon verbena), and is kind of an anglicized version it’s creole name haha. It’s a staple in New Orleans and hoodoo and voodoo magical work.

Use the oil to dress any candles to ensure your magic goes smoothly, use it when clearing yourself or your space either in a soap or a bath or a floor wash and maybe just dab a little on your throat to kep yourself from saying something you might regret later

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