Changes Coming to The Fat Feminist Witch!

Happy 2017, all!

One of my new year’s resolutions for The Fat Feminist Witch was to get a more clear and cohesive plan for the podcast, blog, and my online store. As I’ve mentioned a lot in the show, being a professional witch really is my goal. Now that I’ve got a better handle on the world of podcasting and I’m learning more about online business, making sure you guys are getting the most out of my work is my main focus.


I know my “whenever I get inspired!” free wheelin’ schedule isn’t super effective for making sure y’all know when new episodes are coming out, which means we’ve all been having a lot less dialogue about the issues in between episodes, and I don’t love that.

So from this point on you can all expect to see a new podcast episode hit Podbean and iTunes about every 6 weeks, following the pagan wheel of the year. These episodes will be like the ones you are all used to now – about an hour long, covering a main topic and then a smaller segment or two like the Book Review of Shadows, or Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks. Though they won’t be themed to the sabbats necessarily, the overall vibe of the show will try to match the energy of the current season. In between the holidays I’ll release shorter episodes that cover individual segments or individual reviews, etc. That means the next long episode of the podcast will be up around February 2nd!


Hopefully this will satisfy both sides of Capricorn-Sagittarius cusp nature – well planned and organized with a clear theme and then the ability to inject that schedule with chaotic, creative, and spontaneous epiphanies and projects. How sweet it is!

Book reviews will still be posted in their entirety here on the blog in their own post, as will the other segments!

Want me to review your book? Shoot me a message!

In addition to a new podcast schedule I’ll be launching a new website later this year with a fully functional online store that features my handmade items, and more commercial products. Which means I’ll be moving off of etsy this year. The e-commerce will replace any crowdfunding type efforts or begging for money haha and will hopefully give all of you some greater access to witchy tools and books and items. This shouldn’t affect the tone of all of the podcast episodes or the blog, as the goal with those will NEVER be just to sell you anything. Speaking my mind and sharing my experiences with others is more important than making money, but I still need to do that. If anyone ever feels I lose my direction and start to sell out, please just tell me. I’m just loveably clueless.

I’m optimistic that these new changes will make 2017 the best yet and will be a chance for us all to grow into way more badass witches together.


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