#SeekersCorner Wrap Up – Sunshine of Your Love

Thanks to everyone who watched and participated in today’s episode of Seeker’s Corner celebrating the Summer Solstice! Today we talked solar energy and magic and ways to honour and celebrate the sun as well as pagan handfasting! I also got a chance to show off the Litha Box from Green Moon Apothecary which includes magical items that represent the sun and season and help you have your own personal Litha ritual!

Some of the topics in this episode:

  • Celebrating the Summer Solstice without including gods
  • Jumping the broom
  • Solar energy and harnessing the power of the sun
  • Pagan hand-fasting as an alternative to traditional marriage, or even as part of a traditional wedding
  • Love on Litha and June as wedding season

Books I used to prepare for today’s episode:

I mainly used two books to prepare for today’s topic! Llewellyn’s sabbat essentials guide to the solstice (titled Midsummer) written by Deborah Blake (whom I adore) is a great little guide that gives you full correspondences, historical practices and modern ways to celebrate, spells and rituals and recipes, and just everything you could need to throw or attend a pagan gathering or ritual. Everyday Sun Magic by Dorothy Morrison is the companion to Everyday Moon Magic and covers solar history, astrology, meanings, deities, spells, and rituals as well as herbs and crystals and things.

I was recently contacted by a cool Canadian company called Green Moon Apothecary, and offered a chance to check out their sabbat-themed subscription box that combines witchcraft and cannabis. Yes, it’s a box for CannaWitches! The box I received was themed for the summer solstice, or Litha, so I figured I’d show it off on the show! I’m super impressed with the quality and creativity involved in making and selecting all of the items in the box. The cookie grinder is especially amazing! I use it every day! Thank you so much to Vanessa for reaching out and sending me a box!

“Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. is a Canadian cannabis-friendly witchy wellness subscription box dreamed up by two women who have been friends for over thirty years. Each of our subscription boxes are inspired by the Pagan Wheel of the Year and themed around its individual Sabbats. We’re overjoyed to welcome you to our circle!
Our mission is to provide discovery and delight as you explore avenues of spirituality and cannabis. We will help guide you to integrate green witchcraft into your spiritual practice and indulge in self-care with a cannabis-infused twist. “
About Us

Check out some pictures of the boxes contents and below and then head to the website to check out the whole collection and get some cool details on using it all in your practice.

Of course, you can always catch the replay on my Facebook page and YouTube Channel – I don’t delete past episodes! Or watch it right here:


Burn baby, Burn!

In this episode I’m talking CANDLE MAGIC! Have questions about carving or dressing candles, big brands you can trust, colours and oils, choosing the right figure candle, or anything else?
Send them to fatfeministwitch@gmail.com or use the form below! I’ll contact you if your question will be on the show so you can tune in live on Friday July 12th, at 12pm EST!

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