Episode 87 – Voluptas!

https://open.spotify.com/episode/4K5BcBHY16ygUmSkBiELJN?si=2zxaIRL0R8q43HVyNjd-Ew Listen on Podbean Hello my witchy friends and thank you for tuning in to the fat feminist witch podcast! This is episode 87 and is all about PLEASURE. This is a sort of personal episode, and most of what I’m discussing today is kind of a new topic I’m exploring within my own personal... Continue Reading →

Eye of Newt, Flying Ointments, Nose Twitches & Frog Princes: Part 1

Pointy hats, black cats, toads, frogs, creepy potions and flying brooms have dominated our views of witches for hundreds of years. The witch is such an interesting piece of myth that new legends and standards are being invented all the time. Purple eyes, green skin, twitching noses and flying vacuum cleaners have all become recognizable... Continue Reading →

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