Witch Flix: WandaVision!

Elizabeth Olsen doing her best Samantha Stevens in WandaVision on Disney+ I've got a confession - I don't think I've seen a single Avengers movie. Despite being a big fan of comic-book based cartoons as a kid, and even loving the really horrible attempts at making movies in the early 2000s, the overwhelming volume of... Continue Reading →

Episode 82 – Practical Pumpkin Spice Magic

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2W11bVX1sml7EryBM9jZm8?si=lxkSWTuXSmW2csVexCGQ3A Listen on Podbean   Hey friends and thank you so much for tuning in to the show! Today’s episode is pumpkin spiced and full of practical magic. I’ll be talking about the magical properties of pumpkins and the spice blend we use to flavour them – ie how magical IS your pumpkin spice latte,... Continue Reading →

Everything I Loved and Hated About The Chilling Adventures of #Sabrina

This fall a brand new witchy tv series was birthed into our world: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Though it features the same characters as the 90s tv series and the 1960s comics, this Sabrina is based on a much darker and spookier version of Greendale. I actually reviewed the first few issues of the... Continue Reading →

Witch Docs #HowRealWitchesDo

Y'all know I love a good witchy movie. There's nothing like watching Practical magic in my pjs with my witch friends and having midnight margaritas, I tell you what. But sometimes Hollywood witches flying on brooms and vacuums, or walking on water just doesn't scratch my witchy itch. I love cheesy witch stereotypes, but sometimes... Continue Reading →

A Very Fat Feminist Halloween Special!

Listen to A Very Fat Feminist Halloween Special on Podbean! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Tonight is Halloween, AKA the greatest day ever! In this very special and spooky episode of the podcast I'm talking about some of the super fun myths and legends associated with the Halloweeniest version of the witch! I cover why brooms fly, green... Continue Reading →

Eye of Newt, Flying Ointments, Nose Twitches, & Frog Princes: Part 2

The Halloween Witch is unlike any other - in the first place she's kind of not real. I'm not here to tell you to start painting your skin green or growing warts to emulate her, but underneath all of the fairy tales and Halloween costumes lies real magic - movie or otherwise. Let's continue our... Continue Reading →

Eye of Newt, Flying Ointments, Nose Twitches & Frog Princes: Part 1

Pointy hats, black cats, toads, frogs, creepy potions and flying brooms have dominated our views of witches for hundreds of years. The witch is such an interesting piece of myth that new legends and standards are being invented all the time. Purple eyes, green skin, twitching noses and flying vacuum cleaners have all become recognizable... Continue Reading →

No Really, Discover Your Patronus!

I tend to avoid making sweeping generalizations about what makes someone a real witch or not, but straight up if you haven't gone onto Pottermore.com and taken the brand new OFFICIAL test to discover your Patronus I just really question your commitment to the WITCH lifestyle. I mean, "watch Harry Potter movies (even without a... Continue Reading →

Episode 13 – Hexing Rapists, Movie Magic, Sketchy Solstice!

Thank you for tuning in to The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast! Today I'm talking about the recent mass hexing of Brock Turner and I have a message for all of the jerks who decided to publicly shame the sexual assault survivors who felt empowered by hexing a rapist. I also introduce a new segment called... Continue Reading →

Silver Screen Spellcraft: The Craft (1996)

May 3rd, 2016 marked 20 years since the release of 90s teen witch classic, The Craft. 🚨Scary Bitch Alert!🚨 #TheCraft came out 20 years ago today! I'm about to live tweet this brilliant masterpiece of 90s bitchcraft #witchy — Fat Feminist Witch (@FatFemnistWitch) May 3, 2016  If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I... Continue Reading →

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