Episode 16: Goodbye, 2016! Hello, Understanding!

Thank you for tuning in to this special New Year's Eve episode of The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast, the show where I do a little ranting, raving and wand-waving. Today I'm waving my wand in a disapproving tone at ableism in the metaphysical community, and 2016 in general. I talk about "chronic positivity" and it's … Continue reading Episode 16: Goodbye, 2016! Hello, Understanding!

New Wesbite!

I have a new home! Unfortunately it doesn't have all the same features as my previous website, like a player right on the page, but you can still find the podcast on Podbean and iTunes. I hope you'll continue to come here to read my blog posts and to find updates on all of my … Continue reading New Wesbite!


My Big Fat New Year’s Resolutions

The new episode of the Podcast is up and you can listen to it on iTunes or here on Podbean. ย Today I talked about and made some new yearโ€™s resolutions to keep me focused on my new desire to be a totally unapologetic and self-loving fat lady. This was half inspired by the book DIETLAND … Continue reading My Big Fat New Year’s Resolutions

The Windsor-Essex Fat Babe Squad

I don't live in a place where it's unusual to be fat. I've grown up seeing fat women everywhere, having fat friends and despite a serious lack of shopping options, always feeling like I was fashionable. In recent years, I've noticed a shift here in Windsor. I see fewer and fewer fashionable fat ladies on … Continue reading The Windsor-Essex Fat Babe Squad

Th Fat Feminist Witch Podcast is Born!

Last night was the new moon, a time of growth and starting new projects - and boy did I take that to heart. I've decided to incorporate a new factor into my online presence - a podcast! This podcast will allow me to tie my interest and studies in witchcraft together with my life as … Continue reading Th Fat Feminist Witch Podcast is Born!